Noah’s wish

Noah’s Wish is a non-profit organization that assists in animal rescue and welfare in times of natural disasters. The organization relies on its staff and volunteers to carry out their mission. At the forefront of its mission is to assist in disaster relief programs for animals only.

Just as humans, animals merit an organized national disaster relief program. The organization has seen the lack of these measures during dire situations; hence, the need to further develop and improve it. Animals are entitled to disaster relief programs that have undergone careful planning and ample testing.

Noah’s Wish is an organization that addresses animal welfare in times of disaster. It is not that the organization doesn’t feel for other welfare issues involving animals; however, there are numerous local and national organizations that are already addressing these issues.

MISSION and vision

It is the mission of Noah’s Wish to further train communities and individuals in the face of disasters, and to alleviate the impact of these calamities on both animals and human lives.

Noah’s Wish provides assistance to animals in need during disasters thru (1) careful planning and preparation of animal welfare organizations, and (2) schedule community outreach and educational seminars in relation to animal disaster preparedness.

Noah’s Wish was born with the sole purpose of preserving animal life during disasters. To further accomplish our mission, it provide trainings and programs to assist individuals and communities become self-sufficient should emergencies happen.



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