How to Decorate with Animal Themed Wall Arts and Poster

From cats, dogs, birds, sea creatures, to more exotic pets, animals are a joy in the lives of many. Are you an animal lover who can’t live without your pet and treat it as family? Well, you can now surround yourself with animals by filling your wall spaces with all sorts of furry, feathery, and even wild creatures.

Turn any part of your home into an animal haven with the use of various wall arts and poster. You can decorate your living room wall spaces with jungle animals, or adorn the bedroom with your favorite furry pets, no matter what styling you want to accomplish, whether fierce or just straight up adorable, here are some ways to decorate with animal themed wall arts:

Line up an adorable assortment of animal canvas prints

Pick an assortment of canvas prints of your favorite pups and cats, or whatever animal you love with one vibe in mind – adorable. You can get prints of varying sizes to enhance the aesthetics. With these canvas prints, use an invisible panel or picture ledge and arrange your frames neatly.  Be sure that each print is evenly spaced.

Split a photo poster  

Choose a landscape photo poster of an animal and split it into three or four canvases. Frame each part of the poster and hang it on the wall space with ample gap between posters. Pick an animal from the wilderness for a more dramatic statement.

Wow with an animal portrait poster

Showcase your love for animals with a large portrait poster that command attention. There are so hundreds of posters that have this kind of vibe, what’s vital is to choose one that you really like. For example, this dog on white background poster will surely melt even the coldest of hearts or this pink flamingo poster will bleed color into your room and be the topic of conversation. You can hang this in the living room where family and friends can appreciate it.

Create a customized photo wall of your pets

What could be more endearing than creating a customized photo wall of your very own pets? From your collection of pet photos, choose ones which you’d like to include in the gallery wall, and have it printed to poster size. Frame the photos and create a photo gallery in your wall space.

When you create the gallery wall, pick a design style first. Whether you want it to be the traditional photo wall where you hang similar sized and shaped photos or the more asymmetrical styling, be sure to ask help from someone to help you create it.

Paste on some wall decals

For a fun and cool vibe, animal wall decals are a perfect choice! Turn your bathroom into an aquatic haven by pasting on some wall decals of fishes and other underwater animals. It’s not only relaxing to look at, but it provides a charming aesthetics.


Like decorating with any other theme, it only takes creativity and imagination for an animal-themed styling to work. Get those inspiration ideas and start decorating now!