We keep animals alive in times of disasters!

This is the very reason why Noah’s Wish exists, and it will be for a long time.

About Noah’s Wish

Noah’s Wish focus solely on disaster relief for animals, an area where animal welfare is needed the most. The organization does care for animal welfare in all aspects, but since there are numerous organizations and management policies in place for the care of abused animals, it has channeled its efforts in the area of disaster relief and management.

Noah’s Wish was formed in March 2002 with the express aim to bolster the efforts of disaster relief in animals at times of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fires, and other life-threatening scenarios that can seriously affect not just human life, but animal life as well.

Animals are deserving of a natural disaster relief program that will save their lives. One that is expertly managed, tested, and perfectly organized. Relief programs for humans include carefully drafted and extensively tested procedures that are implemented across all life-threatening scenarios, and should as well be for animals.

As this is the case, Noah’s Wish has taken it their goal to raise these standards of animal disaster preparedness and contingencies. While there have been a number of efforts done, Noah’s Wish wishes to do more.

Why is Noah’s Wish Unique?  

With a single mission in sight, Noah’s Wish can focus all of its resources to saving animal life when disasters strike. For example, in the year 2005, about 80% of the donations went to animal rescue, evacuation, organizing staff and volunteers on disaster areas, establishing and running temporary shelters for animals, providing veterinary care, replenishing stocks and equipment to continue with animal care, and a host of other disaster preparedness and mitigation efforts.

Every single donation given to Noah’s Wish is funneled to taking care of animals and their needs during emergency situations. As for Preparedness Partners, they will not be bombarded with letters and pamphlets, but e-mails will be sent out to save on operating expenses. This allows the organization to channel donations wholly to the cause.

A magazine named This Year’s Journey is published to provide an honest look into what Noah’s Wish does with regard to disaster relief. Noah’s Wish persuades individuals to become a Preparedness Partner through their efforts and not through money.

Disaster Response Team

Noah’s Wish has eight full-time staff and four part-time staff to help respond to disaster relief work for animals.

Terri Crisp, the organization’s president and founder, has been at the forefront of disaster relief work for animals since 1983. It is this experience and expertise on which Noah’s Wish has built its foundation and developed through the years. The organization also has more than 35 coordinators, all with substantial experience in animal disaster relief work across the US and Canada. As of this writing, Noah’s Wish has a growing network of volunteers and coordinators across states.

Volunteer In-Field Training

Noah’s Wish provides a 3-day intensive in-field training to volunteers who wish to be part of the organization. During the training, participants are given simulations of actual disaster relief work including the physical and emotional trials involved. Locations are similar to evacuation shelters set up by the organization, and even animals from rescue centers are used to imitate a real-life disaster relief situation. After the volunteers are certified, an annual retraining is still conducted for skills assessment and additional training.

Organizational Structure

Noah’s Wish covers disaster relief work in both the United States and Canada. The US is divided into eight regions for organization and training purposes. In the future, the organization also aims to expand to more countries.

Community Outreach

As part of Noah’s Wish to spread awareness when it comes to disaster relief for animals, it reaches out to communities to educate individuals of the importance of preparedness in the face of disaster. In addition, Noah’s Wish sets up educational booths in various communities to raise more awareness.


Noah’s Wish is highly regarded knowledgeable in the field of disaster relief work for animals. The organization is frequently consulted by people and organizations in the area of emergency management to help with the animal aspect of the emergency plan. Noah’s Wish is free to participate in any disaster drill across counties and states.