Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was classified Category 5 hurricane that struck Louisiana and Florida in August 2005. The hurricane left in its wake massive destruction on human lives and properties amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars. But aside from this, it has also left a lot of animal casualties.

At the forefront of the disaster relief work for animals, Noah’s Wish witnessed firsthand the horrors brought about by the hurricane.

Noah’s Wish has mobilized a team of volunteers to respond to animals in need of care. All throughout the ordeal, the organization has been busy answering calls and emails, coordinating with various communities to help mitigate the loss of animals’ lives.

With widespread devastation, most communication are cut off. People who have lost their animals during the calamity are frantically searching for their pets. Noah’s Wish has sent for additional volunteers to help with these concerns.

The organization has been coordinating its team of rescue workers and volunteers to cover every facet of rescuing animals during this critical time. With the help of the local communities affected by Hurricane Katrina, it has been able to establish temporary shelters in some key areas. Veterinarians and rescue teams are working round the clock to treat wounded animals and provide other medical aid where necessary. For severe cases, the animals were sent to nearby operating veterinary hospitals.

To better coordinate rescue and retrieval of animals, Noah’s Wish has also established a mobile center in various areas affected by the hurricane where people can report lost and missing pets. As communication is very limited, Noah’s Wish has discouraged people from contacting them unless it is an emergency.

Additional supplies, equipment, and manpower are necessary to carry out the organization’s mission all throughout the ordeal.